A Duck Hunter and a Gentleman
by Johnny "Dr. Duck" Everhart

Charley Filmore is best known as past president of Unity Village, a 1600 acre municipality near Lee's Summit. The Village was founded by his grandparents in 1889 and is the world headquarters of Unity Church which is active in training new ministries and printing religious publications. Charley is now serving as chairman of the board of trustees, and his daughter has taken over his position as president.

Charley has always enjoyed pheasant hunting in South Dakota and has traveled to Canada to hunt sharp-tailed grouse and partridge and fish for small-mouth bass. He started duck hunting in the early 1960's near Archie, on the Grand River and later, he and his friends hunted near Urich before the Missouri Department of Conservation purchased it and it became a part of Urich Wildlife Area. He said that lake held water because it was formed from buffalo's wallowing in that spot for many years.

By 1970 Charley, along with Jim Williams and George Nesselrode, formed the Wilderness Duck Club near Blairstown. This club was enjoyed so much by the members that when George tragically died in a plane crash, his ashes were spread on the property with a three shot salute in front of his favorite duck blind, fulfilling his last request.

Charley remembers many special days at the Wilderness Duck Lake. On one occasion he shot a Canada goose, out of a very large flock, that weighed twenty pounds. He remembered days when cold fronts pushed down new flights of mallards and he and his friends could limit out in less than fourty-five minutes.

After many years of great hunts with his good friends, Charley is now the only surviving original member. In 1994 the club was sold to Johnny and Linda Everhart who built their dream home on the property near the lakes.

Charley, a life-time member of the Wilderness Duck Club, still frequents the duck blinds in the marsh that he loves, and has experienced some fabulous hunts this season.

A finer person than my duck hunting mentor Charley Filmore, cannot be found. He is the perfect example of a hunter who enjoys the quality, not the quanity of the hunt. I wish Charley many more years of great hunting and beautiful memories.