My Dog Fred - A story of an old friend.

William's Turkey - A sucessful first turkey hunt.

Giant Rats - The largest rodents in Missouri are Beaver.

Reflections - A story of a Grand Passage in 2000.

Improvise For Duck Hunting Success - When conditions are bad, improvise!

Learning the Quacks of Life - Anyone can learn to blow a duck call.

Putting Quail Back in Quail Hunting - What landowners can do.

Motion Wing Decoys - Wonderduck, Roboduck, Mojoduck ... are they effective?

A Duck Hunter and a Gentleman - Charlie Filmore is both of these and more.

A Hunt to Remember - The best duck hunt was the first hunt with Calloway.

Sleeping With The Enemy - The pros and cons of duck refugee camps.

How to Build a Website - Or forming your own duck club.

The Last Day - Breaking ice on Bean Lake in 1999

Dr. Duck's Ducktionary - A guide to duck blind language.



Six Lessons in Waterfowling

Basic Fowl Language - How to choose and learn to blow a duck call.

Decoy Basics - How to purchase, rig and set duck decoys.

Blind Basics - How to build a great duck and goose blind, plans included!

Choosing a Website - Finding a great place to hunt, public or private.

Guns and Gear - Selecting the right waterfowl gun, ammo and equipment.

Duck Potluck - Assorted tips on teal season, dogs, dressing and cooking.